Future Farmer of America

McKinley is our animal LOVER. Currently she is the steward of 3 hermit crabs, 2 frogs, and 1 very large dog. Add to the mix: 4 bunnies that she is taking care of for a Future Farmers of America project. On Jan 9th she picks the three best bunnies to take to the Collin County Fair to be judged. She is doing such a great job! Every day she feeds them, waters them, exercises them, brushes them, and "handles" them so that they will be socialized for the judges when they are evaluated. It makes it especially nice that so many of her friends from school and church like to come over and help with the care of the bunnies. BTW, anyone interested in adopting a bunny after Jan. 9th, call me. We have homes for two of them already. :O)


Shari said…
I know all about FFA! Mike calls it by a different name though :)
I'm actually commenting on the post below this one --wow, you are the coolest mom ever! That's probably the best birthday party I've ever seen! I bet the girls had a blast! You are just too cute!!

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