Pre-Father's Day Crabfest

If your dad loves these:

Then there is no better place to take him than
Joe's Crab Shack

McKinley. Reagan, and Brady got free ice cream for doing the line dances with the wait staff. Tanner looks upset because he didn't get free ice cream, even though he danced.

But he did get this.
A picture with "Brittany", (a Joe's waitress) and in his own words "the prettiest girl I have ever seen in my life".

We decided it would be a new Argyle tradition: the day -before-Father's Day Crabfest.


Sarah said…
oh my!!! when did tanner turn into such a studmuffin :D
Amanda said…
I was about to say the same thing...ggeezzz.... He looks like he's at least 16-17...and I know he's not there yet...right???
shahna said…
See what you have to look forward to Amanda? They start growing armpit hair, eating ALL OF THE TIME, and then they just grow like weeds. I think he wakes up two inches taller on a regular basis.
Amanda said…
;) I was thinking the same thing..."like this is gonna happen to my boys!" But at this point with L I might rather he had hormones and armpit hair then his whining:)

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