Brady's big day

Brady turned 6 last week.

We had a party with 25 kids at Pump it up.Brady with two cute boys from his soccer team, Jake and Raliegh.
Alivia, Reagan, and Jocelyn
Cole, Brady, and Taylor

Is this no the cutest cake ever? I wish I could say I made it, but I didn't. A FOURTEEN year old cake decorating QUEEN made it for me. Isn't she amazingly talented?

We went to Babe's Chicken after the party and had dinner and Brady was serenaded by three cute waitresses. Then we went home and opened presents from all his friends. I couldn't help but think that one of the best presents we have given him is moving him here 5 years ago to this area that has proved to be such a friend-filled area. Brady had a hard time picking which twenty five friends to invite. There are sooo many kids his age from church, the neighborhood, school, and soccer. What a blessing!
Here are SIX things about this SIX year old that I absolutely love.
1. He wants so badly to do the right thing. He is a huge RULE FOLLOWER.
2. He usually comes to my side of the bed in the morning when he first wakes up and climbs in bed for a morning "snuggle".
3. He is SUCH a HARD WORKER. He loves saturday chore auction and usually earns more money than his siblings.
4. I love to slisten to him read out loud. Such a smart boy.
5. He loves his dad. I'll admit it, he is kind of a Daddy's boy. He even wishes he was bald like his dad.
6. I love to hear him sing. When he does, he sings at the top of his lungs and belts it out like he is on a stage and means business!


Amanda said…
aaahhh! I can't believe he's 6! And that cake is awesome! If this girl can do that at will be successful!

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