Alzheimers through 10 year old eyes

McKinley was given an assignment to choose a photograph from home and then write a paper about it. She chose this one.:
Am I having lunch with Gigi or Alzheimers?
Will she remember my name?
Maybe I should just listen.
I basically blocked out the whole lunch except for dessert.
"Mmmm", I moaned immediately after i bit into delicious red and blue jello with a tower of whipped cream on top.
Luby's cafe was my favorite when it came to jello.
Before, Gigi said she was not even hungry.
It was funny that her plate left not one bite.
I'll bet in 30 minutes she will forget that we ate.
I was happy to have lunch with her but where was she?
Where was her real smile?
Where was her laugh?
Where was the real her?
How does the sky fell so gray when it's bright blue?
I hope one more time I can see the real her.


Amanda said…
oh. that is heartbreaking. But McKinley put her thoughts into words so well. It was like she took us there with her.
Danielle said…
WOW...that is powerful. and so sad. she is an amazing writer!! The other day we went to del taco and decided to sit outside, a woman walked up and sat down to the table right next to us. she was alone and had a funny smile plastered on her face. she listened to my family and laughed when the kids said something funny. we were off to go see the lion king at the theatres and were in a hurry but I felt this heavy feeling on my chest not to leave. promptings like you wouldn't believe. David and I decided to sit next to her and talk to her, I did not feel comfortable leaving until I knew what she was doing there. come to find out, she had NO idea what she was doing there, and when we asked her her name, she studdered and said....I don't know. it was terrible, we called the cops and they came, apparently her daughter lost her while they were shoppong at sams. I have never been around somebody who had alzheimers and the rest of my night I just wanted to cry for her and her family...I can not even imagine how your kids handle that!
Chesney said…
That was so sweet and touching.

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