proof that money isn't where its at people!

I just want to start by saying my heart really goes out to Pilar Sanders.  She is the beautiful (estranged) wife of Deion Sanders and they are residents of our town.  My Reagan goes to school with her son Shedore.  I regularly see her at the school at parties, field trips, and picking her ten year old up at the end of the day.  She seems like a very hands on mom that genuinely loves her children.

Sadly, She and Deion have been engaged in a HORRIBLE divorce battle that got so ugly this week that Pilar was arrested and spent the night in jail, Deion had charges of assault brought upon him, and they were one of the lead stories on the national news.  I don't want to add to all the news that has already been out there. 

What I do want to remember, however, is how this family LOOKED like (from all outward appearances) that they had EVERYTHING.  Deion was just inducted into the Hall of Fame, he played two different professional sports, they shared a 23,000 square foot mansion here in Prosper and everytime I drive by I see at least 200,000 worth of cars in the driveway.

But they sure don't seem they live such a charmed life this week.   News reports claim that he had an affair.  Pilar found out he wanted a divorce on TMZ. - not from him.   Reagan said she overheard Pilar on the phone outside the school talking to someone (while she was waiting for her son).  She said that Deion is trying to avoid giving her anything of their multi million dollar fortune.  Both of them have lost their reputations and have been humiliated.  They both have been disgraced.  Their kids are caught in the middle.  It is one of the saddest things I have ever seen and I just had to write about it to remind everyone out there.  Things aren't always what they seem and money is certainly not the source of true happiness.  I'm adding her name to our family prayer jar of people we are praying for right now.  And her son, Shedore.


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