headache free

Well its been a long hard road but we finally made it and as of 1:30 yesterday, April 9, 2012, Brent is FINALLY headache free. 

So many thoughts are rushing through my mind.
The biggest of which is gratitude.

Gratitude for our friends and family who have fasted with us, prayed with us, brought us dinner, treats, helped with getting kids where they needed to be.  I am grateful for visiting  teachers and home teachers.  Emails and texts and phone calls of encouragement (I have saved every single one of them in a file).   I'm grateful for Priesthood holders who at a moments notice were worthy to administer to Brent and make beautiful, peace-filled promises of comfort, "instant relief", and healing.  I am grateful for skilled surgeons.  Not just Dr. Batki who did the surgery yesterday but Drs. Weiner, Herzog, Konen, Biddiwalla.  They have all gotten us here where we are today.  Next Monday night we are writing thank you notes.  Lots and lots of thank you notes.  Because we are all so grateful for so many beautiful people.  We are most grateful for our loving Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ who we have felt carry us though some really rough patches.

Miracles  happen.

We are living proof.


Amanda said…
What a miracle and a blessing for your family. SO SO HAPPY for you all!!!!!! THANKS FOR THIS WONDERFUL news!
Janie said…
This is such wonderful news, I am so happy for you guys but especially Brent.
Kim said…
What amazing news! We are so happy for you and your entire family! Thank you for being such a positive influence!
emblair said…
Such wonderful news!!
Becca said…
So grateful for you and your family!!! What a long journey! I'm so glad relief is finally here!! YEAH!!! Thanks for the amazing news!!
Chesney said…
That is amazing! So happy for you all! Much Love!

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