basically we are all like icebergs

(I found this today in a blog I follow and felt it was worth remembering.)  

My old Stake President was a Phychologist. He spoke once to us mothers, and said something that really stuck with me. 
He said to
imagine that each of us is an iceburg.
When you look out across the ocean, you see the top 10% of the iceburgs in the water. That 10% is the part that we want others to see.
He said that it is important to remember that
each of us has another 90% that we're "hiding" below the surface.

He told us "Never compare your 90% to someone else's 10%. It's not a fair comparison."
Isn't that great? We all show our best selves, our best 10%, but we all struggle with different things, and we all have weaknesses and insecurities. The trick is to remember that what we usually "see" in others is their best 10%, too.


Chesney said…
I love good reminders like these. Thanks for posting!

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