Happy EIGHTEENTH Birthday to this gal.

 Tanner refers to her as the "chosen one" that is going to lead the rest of us to Heaven.  He's only halfway joking.  She really is the most amazing girl.
How lucky are we that she was our first so that she could be a great example to her four younger siblings?  It makes our job as parents so much easier.
We celebrated her big day by eating at FUDDRUCKERS and seeing the latest James Bond movie.  It was fun.
Eighteen things we like about her:
1.  She always has a smile on her face.
2.  She has a great attitude about EVERYTHING.
3.  not a shallow bone in her body
4.  never has to be asked twice
5. uber responsible
6. the peacemaker of the family
7.  takes Tanner's teasing about her driving with a grain of salt
8.  super dependable
9.  everyone's favorite babysitter
10.  smart as a whip
11.  loves the scriptures
12.  beautiful singing voice
13.  not a respecter of persons
14.  My #1 helper around the house and usually without being asked
15.  likes to watch LMN channel with me. :O)
16.  kind to everyone
17.  oozes with compassions
18. a heart of Gold
We love you Jenner Penner Poo Poo!


Amanda said…
Happy Birthday Jensen! I can't believe your 18! I remember when you and Tanner were toddlers;) And seriously....who wouldn't want to order up a "Jensen" for their family after reading that list! What a big year 18 is!

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