Mum's the word

For all you NON Texans this will seem strange but in these here parts we have a crazy phenomenon to celebrate homecoming football games with MUMS.
 And let me tell you they are either VERY expensive to buy or very time consuming to make.
 Thank goodness for me that I have a sister who is willing to help me make mine every year and she is pretty much a pro by now, as many as we have made for the last five years.

 She came over Sunday night and we busted out 4 mums in 5 hours and they were some of our finest work.

 Reagan opted for some pink in hers this year.
 Tanner watched little cousin Hank while we worked on his date's mum.

It turned out pretty cute.  I hope she likes it. 
 Kiki's mum turned out pretty cute too.


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