October according to my iphone

 Sunday afternoon treat making.eating is a favorite thing around here. 
 They really enjoyed these oreo mini cheesecakes.
 Brady was proud to say he eats boogers.  I'm such a weird mom that I got these for him.

 General Conference was fantastic. 
 Totally filled my bucket and got some great talks and quotes to ponder/study for the next few months.
 Tanner said goodbye to a dear friend for two years.  Elder Austin Jetton will be serving a fulltime two year mission for our church in Reno, NV.  That means Tanner is next.....
 Yes, it's true.  one day we had to break out sweaters and hot chocolate.  But only one day. Then we were back to the 70s.  Fall in Texas is Heavenly.  
Winding up the football/ cheer season.  Saw this on facebook and laughed.  a few of our parents might need to see this.

 Spent a day at the Big Orange Pumpkin Patch in Celina with Lindsey, G and Hank.
 Spent a fabulous weekend with these great ladies at Time Out for Women.
 Bleh....yearly mum making.  We survived another year of it.

 And it was much appreciated.
Homecoming Parade was a blast.

 Cheerfest 2013 almost killed me but we survived that too.  This was my last year to coach cheer.  
 Reagan with one of her besties, Taylor who cheers for another 6th grade team.
 Reagan and cute little Kylie.
 Reagan and Alexa.  This is their fourth year to cheer together.
 McKinley and her squad at their last football game of the season.
 Brady was the Incredible Hulk for Halloween.  Here he is with Superman, aka Corbi Lloyd.
 Cute little nephew, Grant as Buzz.
 Always gotta grab a pic with Sheri any chance I get.  I was super tired in this photo.  October was a whirwind.  I remember feeling it on this night.
 Kylie and Reagan as babies at trunk or treat.


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