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A pretty good sign that you are overscheduled is when it is December 11th and you are doing a post to sum up the last month.  I set a goal to post more in 2013 and I have done that!  I am going to cut myself a little slack that the busy winter months have forced me to put the ole blog on the back burner.  Oh well.  

Kiki had a birthday and turned the big 13.  The Raineys brought over homemade brownies for her and she decided not to share.  She put them in the microwave with this note.  Sometimes her charity faileth.  What can I say?  I have tasted the Rainey's brownies and I don't blame her one bit.  Those things are good!
 Basketball season is starting up and Brent is coaching again.  Brady is over the moon with excitement.  I love how enthusiastic he is about everything!
 He came to me saying that he had outgrown his basketball shoes from last year.  So, in keeping with our house policy- we told him that if he wanted new shoes, we would match whatever he was willing to put in.   I told him he could get the most expensive pair of shoes or the cheapest - it was up to him.  
He chose the $75 hyperquickness Nikes.  I was so proud of him for saving up and working hard to earn the money for them.

 From the look on his face, I think he was proud of himself too.
Trek is still kicking my rear.  (91 days to go as of this)  So I keep reminding myself of this little saying...

 One of my favorite things about Reagan is that she likes to try pretty much everything and she is content with whatever happens.  In November she tried out for the school play.  I love her application for tryouts because she says she would be happy with any part she got.  So many of her friends ONLY wanted to be in the play if they were the STAR.  When parts were assigned, they were disappointed that they weren't in the play.  It is so good to be open to new experiences and Reagan teaches me that every day.
 An example of how I might have been a little over scheduled lately.  Shheeeeesh.  This is how every day feels lately.
 Went to see Hunger Games with this BFF and her cute twins and about a milliion other kids from church on opening night.  Sheri, thanks for posing for this picture.
 Took a day off from school to hang out with G and Hanky at the mall.  I don't even think we had a good reason.  It's nice to be able to do that when your only in the 3rd grade.

 Winter weather started creeping in and for Reagan that means breaking out the beanie.
 Celebrated a wonderful Thanksgiving (my personal favorite holiday) with family.

 This is my little brother and his cute fiance, Amy.
 My mom and her main squeeze, Dave.
 Me and one of my favorite people on the earth, Aunt Sharon.
 And of course we can't leave out Uncle Greg. 
 How lucky am I to have these two cuties as daughters?
 Sometimes its fun to go to a department store and try on the exact same dress and see who wears it best.
 Kiki has been cheering and cheering and cheering all month long.  
 We re-decorated her room.  A little.  I think it turned out cute.
That about does it. On to December and the madness of Christmas.  Which is not my favorite time of year.  I blogged about that two years ago here.  Bah humbug.


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