One of the things I love about her

I hope if I share this it doesn't come across as boastful or bragging.  I don't love it when other people do that,  However, this needs to be remembered.  
Because sometimes she leaves her dirty clothes all over the place. 

 And I find wrappers stuffed in the couch cushions because she doesn't want to walk two feet and put them in the trash.  

She has broken her phone 3 times and it's getting annoying.  

Sometimes she fights with her sister.  

And boy howdy if you only knew what a temper she has.  

But I love her to death and this email I  just got from one of her teachers is one of the things I love most about her.  

Her compassion. 

I want to remember this so that next time I get frustrated with her I can remember, She's not all bad.

Mr. and Mrs. Argyle,
I heard the sweetest compliment about Reagan  the other day and wanted to share it with you.  After our Sky Ranch iLead program, I had another teacher ask me in the hall if I taught Reagan.  Of course, I proudly said yes!  She said she had witness Reagan during Sky Ranch talking to one of the students from our Life Skills class.  She said, she didn’t stand and talk down to him, she got down to his eye level and (truly) talked to him.  She gave him a beautiful smile and wished him a happy day.  (I can hardly even think about it with tears coming to my eyes).  The teacher said she probably made that students entire day.
Reagan is beautiful inside and out.  She is a true  leader and role model.
I am so glad that I have her in my class this year,
Have a wonderful weekend,

Cara Dennis


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