Open House for Elder Argyle

Whew, I'm kinda swamped so a bit behind on the blogging.  They told me being on the PTO for the middle school was no biggie.  They lied.  
But, it's all good because one of my favorite people in the whole wide world just left for two whole years and it has left a hole in my heart.  It is a tender mercy that the day he left also was the first day I stepped into Reynolds middle school madness and started prepping for the busiest three weeks of the school year.

Here we are minutes before everyone started to arrive.
 The Bujnowskis and sweet Bre came to give him a good send off.
 Holly Duenas, Tanner's sunday school teacher last year.
 Old friends from our Carollton 2nd days, Jim and Diane Pike.
 Pete Sayroo, Tanner's HT companion and an old Sunday school teacher and friend.
 Victoria Hubbard, Diane, me, and Connie Davis.  The very best of old friends.
 Tyler and Amy
Terry Jetton, father of one of Tanner's best friends - Elder Jetton - who is currently serving a mission in Reno, NV.
 Matt and Jenny Wojcik

 Everyone signed this Texas flag for him.


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