Paving the Way

Tomorrow morning, bright early, our missionary leaves for the MTC (missionary training center).   We are trying to take "sad"out of our vocabulary and only speak of how excited we are for him and this life changing experience.  

A few weeks ago, I could tell that he was feeling a little melancholy about leaving.  Tanner wants to serve a mission.  He is doing it because HE chose to, not because he has felt pressured by us or anyone else to do so.  Nevertheless, it is hard to leave everything and everyone you love behind - regardless of how great the reason is for your leaving- for two solid years.

As if by divine design, around the time he was feeling these things, he got emails  from two very good friends that are currently serving missions.  IT WAS EXACTLY WHAT HE NEEDED TO HEAR and it made all the difference to him to hear how happy they were and how well they were doing.  After these guys gave him their words of 19 year old wisdom, his disposition changed and he talked about nothing but excitement about his mission.  

Here are some excerpts:

Sick man! When it gets close it just feels unreal, but you´ll love it! My favorite part of the mission? Hmm that's a tough one. I think for me right now its just always having the spirit. Seriously its the best feeling ever. You'll see that people are going through some really hard things and they trust you enough to confide in you. Some of these people haven't even told their families the problems they are going through, but because you a representative of Christ they confide in you. At first it was scary for me, but now I've really learned to rely on the Spirit. Sometimes I think, there is no way what I'm going to say is going to help this person because I've never gone though anything like what they are going through, but if are quick to listen to the Spirit and are more careful with your words, word choice, you will see that you will have this burning as you speak and you'll find that you'll be able to give these people counsel, with 18, 19, 20, 21 years of age. You'll make a difference for someone that is 53 and has a kid you're age. Its awesome. 

Alright man, don't have much time! Hit me up with anymore questions and dude, put me on your email list, or hit me up with an email every once in a while!

Love ya bud!
Elder Libby

Hey man!!!! Its awesome to hear from you! I cant believe you're going to Tuscon! I'm pretty jealous, not gonna lie. You'll get american food, with an ipad (maybe), a car, and people you can understand!! The language is coming along, slowly, but surely. I can understand pretty much everything, but still have difficulties with things. The food here is really good. I've gained 15 pounds in just 5 months so....but its not american food, ya know haha. 

Alright bro, gotta run! I am pumped for ya! Put me on your weekly email list when you hit the field! If you got any qs, pass em my way!

Elder Libby

Man, You're going to love it. ...     I'm not sure what I'm trying to say right now besides this right here. This is important, i promise! haha. So, KNOW that you are going to be brand new. Push yourself, BUT, you will not learn it all at once. You have to be patient. Pray for a decent trainer. Most of the time a mission President picks the best missionaries. He tries to pair them with people that will get along. Listen to them! Your trainer will have already done everything you have done. I fought my trainer on so many things. He let me suffer until i learned. Just know if you put worth the effort, the Lord WILL take care of the rest! You're going to love the MTC dude! It's a spiritual giant!!! You will learn so much! 

Just go knowing this will be the best two years. It'a a blast man!!

Elder Jetton 

So grateful for these valiant young men, the selfless service they render, all that they sacrifice to do this work, and for their example to my boy.  


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