August 2014 according to my iphone

Well we have officially moved into the stage where we no longer have little wee ones.  We made it official by giving this away.  Im not sure if I'm sad or immensely happy about that.
 Here is Reagan and I on a lunch date.
 how Brutus spent his summer vacation...
 August brought reunions with old friends,
 saying goodbye to one of my best friends,
 lots of back to school shopping with girlfriends,

 cheer camp, 

 and , I have to admit, some heartbreak and tears,
 The girls were able to go to the temple with the youth  (and then dessert afterward).
 We got this fun picture from some friends who just happened to be on Tanner's flight as he was leaving for the MTC.  Small world, I tell you.

 Got this cool text from a friend who saw my girls and their friends at Hawaiian Falls one day.  This is the stuff that makes a mother's heart smile.

 We threw a surprise party for this darling girls who is our newest "beehive" (12 and 13 year old girl's youth group) in our church congregation.

Found out that our missionary hero has become fast friends with his trainer in the field.
 I love life in my small town.  How awesome is this?
 Tanner ran into Eric Mack in Thatcher Arizona.  TOTAL COINCIDENCE that they just happened to be at the same sno cone place.
 First day of school, I started cleaning out closets.  It feels so good to do that.  I tell you it's better than therapy.

 We tried to fit in as much fun before the homework and tests hit.

 And this made me smile yesterday when I looked down at my nine year old and saw that he was wearing his big brother's socks.  I hope Tanner knows how much he is missed.

Life is good!  We are good!  August was good to us.  Hoping September will be too.


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