May 2015 according to my iphone

Jensen had the time of her life in the UK in her study abroad program and made lots of new friends.

We kept track of her with the LIFE 360 app.  She would check in each day and we could see where she was without her having to call and text.  

This "A Team" made teacher appreciation week a breeze.  I love these ladies that I get to work with through PTO.

Apparently it was blue day.  Sheri and I snapped a quick after school picture of these guys.  It was purely a coincidence.  Such cute girls.

Love this quote.

One of my favorite things every 6 weeks is taking this girl to her ortho appointments and our Smashburger lunch dates.  It is so good to get one on one time with her.

Prosper Ladies Association hosted our first town prayer breakfast on the national prayer day and it was a smashing success.

We had Uncle Greg and Aunt Sharon over for dinner on Mother's Day and played dominoes afterward.  Aunt Sharon hadn't ever played train but we converted her.  

Elder Argyle is enjoying his newest companion and his new area and his new ipad.  I am excited because that means at Christmas we will be able to facetime with him!

Went to a free movie premier with this cute 13 year old.  The movie was horrible but we had fun together.  I just love spending time with her.

Enjoyed the Rough Rider game with 15  other families on our ward.  Here is Brady with his best buddy.

And another good buddy.
And Reagan with her sweet friend, Kylie.
And Mckinley with Caty and Hailey.

It was a fun month but we are eagerly anticipating the end of school on June 5th.  I am looking forward to an easier, laid back schedule. 

Brent loves his new job.  The new company has been fantastic and the benefits are really good.  He travels a little but gets to work from home which is so nice. Overall it is a great career move for him. Brutus especially likes that he works from home because he hangs out in his office with him all day.

I am almost done with my first semester of graduate school and I have a 4.0.  (It will be interesting to see if I can keep it up in the summer.)  I guess I am doing PTO again so we have been trying to staff the board and get set up for next year.  I have really enjoyed each and every one of the ladies I have gotten to work with.  I also spent the month collecting food for the summer lunch program for kids in our town that qualify for free and reduced lunch during the school year.  My dining room has been hijacked by all the peanut b utter, jelly, chips, granola bars, and fruit cups that have been donated by the three prosper wards.  It has been remarkable to see how generous the members of our church are!
We far exceeded our quota.

It has rained A TON here so we were all super excited to have the sun out today.  Bring on the SUMMER!


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