The beautiful thing about remembering

In BOM365 last week we read Mosiah 19: 1-24 one day. The corresponding talk for the day was from Jay E. Jensen (by coincidence, Brent and I have hosted Elder Jensen in our home before. He came to visit us when he presided over a stake conference he was here for when Brent was in the throes of his illness). The name of the talk is "Remember Also the Promises" found HERE. Elder Jensen talks about a time when he was a mission president. He became somewhat discouraged upon doing some interviews to find that there were a number of problems that were to be dealt with in this particular mission. He did four days of interviews with missionaries and leaders and felt that the bad was out weighing the good in this mission. He got on the plane to go home with a heavy heart. He decided to read some scriptures on his plane ride and fell to D and C 3:5. He was struck by the phrase in that verse: "Remember also the promises". He went on to say, 
The words “remember also the promises” seemed to “enter with great force into every feeling of my heart. I reflected on [them] again and again.” (JS—H 1:12.) During those four days I had focused on nothing but problems. I had not stopped to consider one single promise. I had with me on the airplane that day a copy of my patriarchal blessing. I read it, noting several marvelous promises. I reviewed in my mind the promises given to me when I was set apart as a mission president. I turned to additional scriptures and pondered the promises in each one. I learned then and have had reinforced to me again and again that when we search the scriptures, we will come to know that “they are true and faithful, and the prophecies and promises which are in them shall all be fulfilled.” (D&C 1:37.)

Remembering the promises made all the difference to Elder Jensen and he was able to adjust his attitude and see the positive that in reality was outweighing the bad. 

I immediately thought of going to my patriarchal blessing, my children's (that have theirs) patriarchal blessings, Brent's, as well as two priesthood blessings of comfort that I have had in the last few years. Most of the time when I get a blessing, I try to immediately write down the things that were said as well as impressions I had upon receiving the blessing. In addition, when Tanner was set apart as missionary, President Platt allowed Jensen to take notes on what things he said as he set him apart. I reviewed those notes, as well.

I immediately felt so much peace and hope and faith in some of the struggles we are dealing with right now. I know everything is in my Heavenly Father's hands and that he is aware of our trials. Some of the things that were mentioned were very personal and sacred to me.

In one blessing that I received (for comfort) I was promised that the stress I was feeling would not have a negative effect on my health and that my ancestors (As angels) gather around me. I was told that with respect to this particular trial that everything would be okay. This situation is still not resolved but I sure feel like we are on the tail end of it and I feel like Heavenly Father has been guiding us along the way.

When Tanner was set apart I was promised peace that he would be safe. I have not worried a bit. He also mentioned in that blessing that Brent would be fruitful at work and be able to provide for our family. 

In my patriarchal blessing it mentions that I will be blessed with emotional and physical strength. It talks about angels ministering to me. 

It was just a cool exercise to review some of those special promises that we have been given lately. I know that the Priesthood is real and these blessings are words of counsel and encouragement from my Heavenly Father to me. I am so grateful for the righteous men who live worthy to provide this blessing to me at any time.

I'm also grateful for this reminder that sometimes the way to fight discouragement is to remember all the promises.  


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