I really , really, really like this kid.
 Everything about him makes me smile.
 We have considered him a gift from the moment he joined us.
 He has a wacky personality, can you tell?
 And SO much enthusiasm for life...

 He has such a good heart, 
 and yet fierce determination.
 One of the greatest gifts my Heavenly FAther has ever given me is having the privilege of being a mother to this sweet boy.

Ten thing we celebrate about Brady on his tenth birthday:
1.  He is a good friend, 
2.  He has a great attitude.
3.  He is quick to apologize when he knows he has done something wrong.
4.  He is a hard worker, in every sense of the word.
5.  Never complains about taking the trash out which is his daily "job".
6.  He STILL comes in our room and snuggles with us every morning before the start of the day.
7.  He wants to do what is right.
8.  He has a quick wit, just like his older brother.
9.  Everything is a party when Brady is involved.
10.  He is ALWAYS happy.


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