Birthday boy and buddy

I surprised Brent for his birthday with tickets to indoor skydiving and a trip to a local wake board park with Brent's favorite companion these days, Brady boy.  Needless to say they had a blast.  The only way it could have been better is if our oldest (missionary) boy could have been here to join in the fun.  They loved every minute of it and couldn't decide which adventure they liked most.

To celebrate this man that I love I will celebrate his 48th birthday with 48 words that describe him.
Patriarch*Priesthood Holder*Peacemaker*
Friend*Husband*Soulmate*Quesadilla Maker
*Automobile Mechanic*Mr Fix It*Scriptorian
*Confidante*Example*Basketball Lover*Golf Enthusiast*Racquetball Champion*Kind Hearted*Dedicated
Provider*Compassionate*Thoughtful*Eagle Scout*Grill Guru
*Hard Worker*Counselor*Supporter*Talk Radio Loving*Morning Person*Sacrificing*Never Complaining
Long Suffering*Teacher*Father

We love you!
Happy Birthday!


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