March 2016 according to my iPhone and iPad

 These boys have had a blast playing flag football together.  This was taken at a birthday party for one of the boys.  
 Our missionary continues to teach and baptize.  He is in a more remote area and has requested that I not send anymore care packages as he needs to start paring down to come home.  He also mentioned that he is so far away from the mission home that sometimes he doesn't get package very timely.  I think he feels a little detached which is challenging but he is holding up and committed to finishing strong in the mission field.  Only three more months and I get to hug his neck.  One more FaceTime too!  Mother's day is only about 5 weeks away!

 I am so grateful for these fun friends in our neighborhood.  They are all such good boys and they are always together!  These were taken at Pole position which is a race car attraction.

 Brady and Brent have loved the MAVS tix I got them for Christmas and were thrilled when I told them that I have renewed our tix for next season.  Brady was on cloud nine meeting these guys and being able to go early and watch them warm up and get autographs.

 Reagan and McKinley both tried out for cheerleader.  Reagan made freshman cheer for next year and McKinley made JV.

 March was a blast in NYC during spring break.  What an experience!

 We came home from NYC and hosted a super fun birthday party for this cute 14 year old girl and 16 of her closest friends.
 After tryouts ( and finding out that they both made it) we celebrated with In N out burger.
 Prepped our college girl for General Conference with a General Conference survival kit.  It ha snacks, a journal, and those fun adult coloring books.  I always pay attention better when I have all of those things, don't you?
 Oh and we are building a pool.  
 Kiki went to the annual cheer banquet with some of her friends on the squad.
 And Reagan got braces!

Jensen is still loving school so much that I think we are only going to be able to talk her into coming home this summer for about a week (when Tanner comes home).  Brent has been busy at work and loving the company he works for.  He is progressing nicely with some potential clients.  I love having him work from home.  We get  an occasional lunch date every so often although he is REALLY busy.  Being in the Stake Presidency has kept him busy so it is nice that he is here when the kids come home from school and for me to spend more time with him during the day since he is gone so much on Sundays and several week nights a week.  I continue to trudge along with my course work in grad school.  I still have a straight A record and love my human sexuality class.  It has been really interesting.  Next I study aging and emotional health among the elderly.  I am also finishing up my first year of teaching institute.  I really love the balance it brings to all the other reading I have to do each week.  I am learning so much!  I don't know that I am the best teacher in the world but attendance is good and I am making some wonderful new friendships.  I really love it.  
That is about all.  Happy April!


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