spreadin' the love, I {heart} this family tradition

This is a fun tradition we do every year for Valentine's Day. We have done it for as long as I remember and I think it is a favorite of our kids. We draw names and shop for seven items for that person. I usually give them a budget to work within. Then we decorate bags, hang them on our bedroom door, and secretly drop a goodie in the person's bag every night when they are not looking. It is so fun to wake up and find a "little S' (litte suprise) as we call them. I think they get much more excited about GIVING to their Valentine then GETTING. There have been a couple times a brother or sister that have been having a hard time getting along have gotten each other's name and it did wonders for improving the peace around here! I think that might just be the case again this year. :O)


Juli said…
Such a cute idea!
Karen said…
Super cute! I have friends who are such good moms.

Thanks for coming to the musical the other night! Hope your kids enjoyed it. Sorry you had to leave!
Amanda said…
I like that idea a lot.....I love to play up the Holidays:) reminds me of the book "The last Straw" that you gave me:) But Christmas is such a BUSY time---I like using this on other Holidays!

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