Can you think of a better way? celebrate VALENTINE'S DAY?

Let's just say we are off to "sweet" start here at our house.

Here are the carnations that McKinley and Reagan came home from school with yesterday. The red ones are McKinley's and the White ones are Reagans. They got one from each member of the family. They both proudly reported that they got the most in their class- one of the perks of having a big family. Reagan got a flower from a boy in her class. Hello! 1st Grade! They sure start early, don't they?


Rachel T. said…
Awwww how sweet! A flower from a boy in first grade! WOW, is this a hint of whats to come?
Amanda said…
Thanks for posting about the doughnuts....I would have never thought of it. But since you brought it up I had to grab some since I was already planning on going to stonebriar today for some errands:) P enjoyed the surprise!
Bethanne said…
Awww, man. I can't believe I missed an opportunity for KK. Sad. :(

Um, flowers from a boy already? Uh, yikes! Definitely seems a little early...what do you do with such adorable kids anyway?! :)
those donuts look delish.
those donuts look so good! I can't believe boys are giving out flowers to girls in the 1st grade! I can see why he'd give one to Reagan though...she is such a cutie!

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