"Holy Bat Bike, Batman!"

Brady's preschool has a traditional Grand Prix Race every year. The dads and kids are supposed to create a car (or in our case, vehicle) together out of cardboard, decorate it any way they like and then they race them in the "GRAND PRIX". All the dads take the day off work to go. It is a pretty big deal.
This was our third Grand Prix to participate in as Mckinley and Reagan went to the same school. Brent was feeling pretty creative when he and Tanner decided to build Brady the Batman Motorcycle. Oh my! They spent HOURS and HOURS on this thing. Here is the finished product.
You can't see it but it had "guns" and a laser sight on it. A little over the top you might say. I put my foot down when he started talking about embedding a motorcycle sound in it.
I have to admit that they had alot of fun making it.

And naturally, when you are riding on the batman motorcycle you HAVE to wear your Batman mask!

Brady was pretty excited when he brought home a first place ribbon. How old do you think he needs to be before I break the news to him that everyone gets a first place ribbon? :O)


Amanda said…
That is really cool! I bet that spent SO MUCH TIME making that bat mobile:) Brady looks adorable:)
That is SO cute! I bet Brady had the best time. I love it!

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