Suprisingly LDS?

We have been wasting time on I came across a few I knew about and a few I didn't:

Troy Dunn from "The Locator". Supposedly he is currently serving as a Bishop in his ward.

Rick Schroeder married a good little Mormon girl many years ago and converted in 2000.

Lacey Schwimmer of "So You Think You Can Dance" and "Dancing With The Stars" fame.

Katherine Heigl from "Grey's Anatomy". She admits she is not active but admires the religion.

The Hough siblings from "Dancing With The Stars".

Aaron Eckhart. You might know him as "two-face" from the last Batman movie.

Ali from the "Biggest Loser". She was the big winner last season


Rachel T. said…
Wow I had no clue Ali was. Thats pretty neat!
Yeah, I knew all of them but Ali. Did you know that the original black team guys and the blue team guys from this season are LDS too.
Lacey Schwimmer's brother Benji was the winner on SYTYCD and they talked about his mission on the show. They've also talked about Julianne Hough being mormon on Dancing With the Stars. This season started of with 4 LDS pros. Derek, Julianne, Chelsea and Lacey.
Danielle said…
I knew Troy Dunn was, I use to own his youth talks on CD, like life is a football game and dare to be different, they are AWESOME, he is such a great inspirational youth speaker. you should get those tapes, your kids would love them.
I knew about all of these except for Ali. How cool?! I loved her on the show.

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