In need of your prayers

You may have noticed that I haven't posted much lately. Things have been rather ..shall we say...dramatic around here (ok, maybe that is an understatement) There are some details I need to keep private due to advice from our attorneys but I have felt really prompted to write this and let so many of you "old friends" who read my blog know about the challenges we are facing presently. I just thought I should tell you what has been going on so you don't hear about it through the grapevine and wonder why I never told you.

Brent lost his job about 6 weeks ago.
The company he was working for fired him and he was offered another job (better pay, better situation, more ethical employer, bigger company) a few days later.
Hooray! -not so fast...
Somehow the company that fired him found out about the new job and sent a letter to us and the new employer saying that they were going to sue them and us if he went to work for them because he had a "non-compete" clause.
(In other words, "we don't want him but we don't want anyone else to have the benefit of having him either!) Whatever! Long story short and I can't go into the specifics but we believe this isn't the case. Unfortunately, we have had to file a lawsuit so that we can get a judge's ruling. Fortunately, we have truth and a great legal team on our side- TAKE THAT! Otherwise, Brent can't work at all for a year (in the field he has worked in for the past 15 years, anyway). We are grateful that we have savings and not much debt so we are prepared financially but attorneys aren't cheap so we are hoping for a quick resolution. :O)
We are the LAST people who EVER thought we would sue someone
but we have spent alot of time in prayer and feel like we are doing the right thing. We should go before the judge in the next few weeks.

In other news...
Brent's shunt is not working anymore.
The test results are in and it's official. His headache has been worse lately so we weren't suprised when we found out. He spent a day in the ER last weekend because the headache was so bad he couldn't control the pain at home. We are hoping this makes him eligible for the
new and improved shunt
that they have developed since his last surgery. (Can I get a "HALLELUJAH!"?) Pseudotumor -Cerebri patients with the new shunts have had better luck with them as opposed to the old ones, some are even pain free. That is hard for him to even imagine: actually waking up one morning and not having a headache! That hasn't happened for him in almost three years. It is still a long shot but provides a little bit of hope.
He has been promised through priesthood blessings that someday he will be healed.
A girl can only hope. Up until now we have done everything that medical community had to offer but that hasn't helped all that much. We have mixed emotions because it means another major surgery -maybe even brain surgery-but we are hopeful that it might be more effective in controlling his spinal pressure and he won't have to take anymore pain meds.
That would be truly life changing for him!

We know that all this is in Heavenly Father's hands and have seen alot of tender mercies in the process. I will share some of them when all this is over as I can't say much more without jeopardizing our situation (legally) right now.
I bear testimony that He stands with each of us during trials.
We are grateful for His Spirit which has been a constant companion and comforter. We also have felt the love and prayers of family and close friends who have been aware of the situation. Thank you so much for your kind support. One way or another we know we will come through this better, not bitter. With great challenge comes great strength.

However, please keep us in your prayers the next few weeks.


Mandie said…
Oh wow. Shahna, I am so sorry your family has to go through this. We will keep you in our daily prayers until further notice! :)
Amanda said…
You will be in my prayers. I just knew you were going through something tough...I had NO IDEA it was this tense of a situation. We love you guys.
shahna said…
Thanks Mandie! You are a good friend!
shahna said…
You too Amanda! Thanks for your sweet email.
Karen said…
Shahna, I'm sorry for your family struggles right now. I have no doubt that both you and Brent are up to the task. You are two wonderfully strong and righteous individuals - together you are even stronger. Please know that we are praying for you and thinking about you. Without sounding trite, we are here for you if there's anything we can do to help, we hope you will ask.
Danielle said…
I am so sorry, we will keep you guys in our prayers. If there is anything we can do please let us know.
Juli said…
When it rains, it pours. You all will so be in my prayers.
Natalie said…
I'm so sorry. You know that your family is in our prayers. Over the years, you and Brent have stockpiled integrity, faith and wisdom. I have no doubt you will use that surplus to help guide and lift you during these difficult times. You and Brent were beyond supportive and amazing when Jared and I lost Victoria. I pray your family will feel that same kind of comfort and strength from all of us who love you dearly.
Bethanne said…
If you are prepared ye need not fear, right? It seems like you have been preparing yourself and your family in ALL of the right ways so that you can deal with these trials head-on. But, oy-vey. My heart goes out to you. Wow. Obviously the Lord has a lot of faith in your being able to face these trials... regardless, He'll be there to carry you thru if needed!
I will keep your family in my prayers. Best of luck in the coming weeks.
Reg said…
Extra prayers coming from the crazy okie friend and her sister Stacey!
gibblove said… both will be in our prayers until we hear otherwise. I am so sorry this is happening to you guys. You have such a great attitude though. I know because of that you ARE the better person:) Please ask for help if you need anything else. Love ya guys! Give eachother a hug from me, please.
Diane said…
Gosh Shahna I just read your blog (got it from fb)
I'm so sorry you are going through such a rough time right now. I will keep you in my prayers and please know that if I can I will help in anyway.
Erin said…
Wow! You have a lot going on right now. We will pray that you will all have the strength to get through these trials. Good news about the new shunt. Some medical advances can truly be big blessings.
Chrystalee said…
You'll lick this and be even better, both financially and medically!!! You're due for some major blessings comin' your way. Love you lots! Let me know if there is anything I can do....
Jess said…
I know that if anyone can make it through, it's your family! You're in my thoughts and prayers!
Sarah said…
you are an amazing woman-- thanks for being such a great example to me :D hang in there!!
christi said…
All I can say is Shahna you are one of my Hero's!! Your attitude and your heart are stellar. You stand behind Heavenly Father and what he asked you to bear. You are a defender of what God holds most precious. You and Brent are example's of how we all need to shoulder our burdens, with faith ,humility,integrity,hope,
peace, with love in our hearts and with gratitude. I see you and Brent one day throwing your arms around Job and Joseph Smith and those people who have truely suffered. (with empathy and compassion.) You just don't truely know how something really feels until you've blazed the trail through the Fire of your own trials. You are a bit singed and a little burned but you see differently ( truely with new eyes) Ultimately it is an honor and a privilidge to be asked to bear the Heavy burdens, however you realize your savior has never left your side and you never completely bore the task alone, ever. OUR TRIALS ARE SO MANAGEABLE WITH THE SAVIOR BY OUR SIDE.!!!!!
christi said…
I Love You Dearly
Wow. You guys have been through a lot. I will keep you in my prayers. It's amazing what life throws you, but in the end, you realize that everything is just fine, or at least will be.

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