The dawn is finally breaking

They say it is darkest before the dawn. Well, although the dawn isn't here yet it is starting to look a little less dark. Brent came through the surgery really well and has already cut his pain meds in half! HALLELUJAH! This week has been sooo much better. The first night he came home he was able to sleep for 6 hours straight completely horizontal which sounds silly but that was a huge turning point for him. He hadn't REALLY slept for the last two months! With his shunt not working, it hurt his head more to be horizontal so he had to sleep sitting upright and could never really get a good night's rest. He was having to get by on just an hour here and there. I teased him that he was like the Elephan Man? Anyone ever see that movie? Ignore it if you haven't. Anyway, he is doing really well. We have felt the prayers of the masses for sure! Thank you so much to everyone for all the prayers and fasting and sweet phone calls and emails and MEALS! (Amanda, you make the best darn chocolate chip cookies I have ever eaten!!!!) I am realizing just how blessed we are to have so many wonderful people in our corner. I could never thank you enough.


Natalie said…
Oh Shahna, that's wonderful news!!
You and your family will remain in our thoughts and prayers. We love you guys so much, and wish you only the best!! Here's to many more nights of peaceful sleep!!

p.s. I've seen that movie. :)
I'm so glad he is getting some sleep and things are looking up. I hope they continue on the uphill climb for you.
Amanda said…
SO GLAD that the news is good and you guys see some light (however small). Thanks for the shout-out on the cookies:) Made my day:)
YAY! I'm so happy to hear such great news!
Chesney said…
First- I am so glad that Brent is doing well. You looked great tonight-both of you and your family! Second- we will need to get together soon!
Amber Hooten said…
I really really enjoyed Tanner and Brent's testimonies today! What a special testimony your son has at such a young age! I know you are a proud mom!
He looked great today!! I'm glad that everything is going so well. Enjoyed the testimonies of both your boys...Tanner's testimony was so mature sounding. What a great kid. We feel blessed that if there are only going to be a few boys Tyler's age at school, that Tanner is one of them. Missed Jensen!! :o(
Chelsea said…
So happy to hear that Brent is doing better. You have such a beautiful family, and I feel so blessed to know you guys! :)
Juli said…
I am so happy to hear that! Yea!!
Anonymous said…
What great news. We're so happy for your family!
gibblove said…
That is such good news! I am so happy for you and your family. That is awesome too that Brent has already cut his pain meds in half! Wow!


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