monopolizing testimony meeting

Today three Argyle girls bore their testimony at church.
For Reagan, however, it was the first time EVER. She leaned over to me and said, "I feel like I have something to say but I am scared to go up there." McKinley overheard her and told her that she would feel really good once she did it. So she went up. And sat. And then when it was her turn she ran down again. "Mommy, I forget, what do I say at the end? Oh yeah! In the name......" She ran back up. It went something like this:

Last night we talked about fasting. I can't really skip meals because I get low blood sugar so my mom said I could fast something else besides food. It should be something that I love. I thought of fasting from tv. She said that was a great idea! I know the important thing is that we give something up for awhile. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.



I thought it was cute how she looked at you and said "My mom said that was a great idea!" You could just tell how much your approval of her idea and her efforts to please Heavenly Father meant to her. You've got some cute girls!
Amanda said…
love it:) What an sweet little spirit she has:)
Becca and Randy said…
That is so sweet. The fact that she got up there and did it will always be with her.

Sunday was a real good one for my heart as well. But I couldn't bear my testimony in sacrament meeting. I did it in RS instead. We had too many baby blessings. My heart is so full right now. I know you can relate with me.

I love our friendship. Thank you!

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