so creative, it's just ridiculous!!!

My friend, Karen, amazes me with how creative she is. Here is a picture of what she just dropped off for Brent (in honor of Father's Day) with her kids. What a fun mom!It is a cupcake (hamburger buns), with a brownie (hamburger meat), frosting for lettuce and tomato, and sugar cookie french fries. Can you believe it? I just love her! I wish I had an ounce of her creativity!

Here is what I am celebrating about the Father of my children this Father's Day:

1. He has the patience of JOB.

2. He adds so much to our family scripture study because he knows so much about the scriptures.

3. He has always been worthy to give our kid's or me a priesthood blessing anytime we needed it.

4. He knows how to fix just about anything that breaks down. (Did I just jinx myself by saying that?)

5. He is my best friend.


Karen said…
Awww, you are sweet! Remember, it's not my brainchild, I just copy REALLY well. So glad you guys are our friends!
Karen said…
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Amanda said…
That would take way too much patience for me! It's adorable though:) I bet no one even wanted to eat it's too cute to eat:)

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