the best things in life aren't things...

Here was my project today. I have been looking for an oversized picture for our entryway for awhile now and found this. What d'ya think?


Meredith said…
I think your family is one of the cutest I know!
Natalie said…
Fantastic!!! :)
emblair said…
What a great quote! And even better pictures. :)
Juli said…
Cute! Did you get that at Kohl's? I saw something similar there, but I was thinking of getting the grandparents' one for my parents.
I Love this!

And, to answer your question, I went private b/c there's a certain person I don't want to be able to see my blog & her name starts with 'K'! I just don't want her snooping around b/c I know she will. :)

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