the simple pleasures of summer 2009

This has not been a summer of extravagant vacations. Its been a summer of simple pleasures, probably my favorite thus far. Which is kind of , well, ironic. How many dads get a chance to spend an entire summer home with all the kids??? We have made some great lemonade out of the lemons life handed us over the last five months. I had everyone brainstorm their favorite memories and compiled a list because I wanted to be able to remember it.

Sonic "happy hours" - (slushes are 1/2 price)
The Frank Buck Zoo
the Rough Riders baseball game
Purple Vanilla milkshakes at the "Purple Cow"
$1 flip flops at Old Navy
watching episodes of CAKE BOSS and REBA
building bears for $30
fishing in the pond
playing "train", "uno", and "Scrabble" on Sundays
singing "Boom, Boom, Pow" at the top of our lungs in the car ( a cleaned up version, of course!)
seeing UP! (the movie)
Family Home Evening with the J. Sallaways and T. Sallaways
Pool Ball with the Teachers and Priests
White Cherry Slurpees
Swim Team
Having the Pratts stay with us for a week
Hawaiian Falls
Funnel Cakes
Getting Pedicures with Gigi
Service project at Sunrise Senior Living with friends
Lucy's Cafe
Cottin Gin Cafe with the Scholls
Prosper Basketball Camp
Cheer Camp
Temple Baptisms
summer reading challenge
Bubbles and Wowza and Brady's birthday party
Girl's camp
Scout camp
High Adventure
Six Flags with friends (Tanner)
Main Event and Harry Potter with the Fergusons (Jensen)
seeing Transformers with the guys (Tanner)
saving up for, buying, and learning to play guitar (Brent, Tanner, and Kiki)
Chocolate Molten Cake at Chilis
making NEON Rice Krispie treats
Swimming at the neighborhood pool and almost always either making a new friend or finding an old one to play with
watching horror movies on clear play
Nim's Island for a buck
swimming and Joe's pizza with Sharon, Lindsey, and Kyle
Pei Wei days with Tyler
4th of July with two of our favorite families, the Hennefers and Sampsons
and back to school shopping at Grapevine Mills


Amanda said…
I love, love, loved reading your list:) It made me smile:)

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