My last's last

I was sitting out on the stairs in our front yard waiting with Brady (also known as "the caboose")for his ride to preschool to come pick him up. Then, it hit me.
Today is his last day of preschool.
When school starts back up in the fall, he's going to have his own little list of school supplies to buy. His own little backpack, lunchbox. He will be gone all day with everyone else.
I got a little ....verklempt.
I sent him on his merry way and then came back in the house and broke down. I am going to miss him so much! For the last fifteen years I have always had a child in the house all day, every day.
Starting August 23rd, I won't. My life is about to change. Drastically.
Secretly, I would "red shirt" him in a heartbeat if I thought he wasn't ready to go.
But he is.
It's just that I'm not.


emblair said…
I feel ya. I'm stressing over MJ just going to preschool for two days a week in the fall...because that means I won't have my little pal always by my side. So bittersweet. And goodness Brady looks like his Daddy in the picture!
Janette said…
I love this picture of Brady. And this post made me sad. Good sad, but still sad. Not ready for when it's Ryan's turn.

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