The Army of Helaman

This past Stake conference experience was one I hope to never forget. It started about 6 months ago. I remember sitting in our Stake Primary Presidency meeting, telling my counselors and secretary that I really wanted to talk to the Stake Presidency about having a Senior Primary Choir. I could tell by the look on their faces that they thought I was a little crazy. 2 hours on the pulpit? Sitting reverently? Not being a distraction?

When I talked to the member of the Stake Presidency over us about it, his response was similar. He questioned their ability to sit still the entire time. But he said he would talk to the rest of the Stake Presidency about it.

A week later he told me, "let's do this" We are totally on board. I was so excited! For two days I poured through songs trying to prayerfully select which ones to have the children sing. 2 songs needed to be chosen for prelude and two musical numbers during the meeting.

We made some posters to advertise the choir and scheduled the building for four practices. We were led to a wonderful primary chorister (a guy!) to lead the choir. We talked to him and his wife (she plays piano) and set the plan in place.

Afer the first few practices, I started to question whether or not this was going to work. The children sounded great. The music was absolutely beautiful. BUT. Somme of them (especially the little boys) were EXTREMELY wiggly. I grew worried and anxious.
We asked the kids to pray over the next few weeks that the spirit would be with them and that they would be reverent. They did.

And they were. it was one of the neatest experiences I have ever had. They brought such a beautiful spirit to the entire conference. Several of the leaders on the stand were in tears throughout the meeting as the children sang.

A few hours after the conference, I got this email from the area authority, Elder johnathan Roberts.

"Sister Argyle; Your primary children today were spectacular. They set the tone of the Sabbath for all of us. That was such a tender experience. Will you please let everyone who assisted know what a blessing it was to all of us? ..... Today, all I heard was righteous leaders and children worshiping with music. It was the united voice of angels! Perfect!

Hurrah for the children of Israel…literally.
Jonathan Roberts

I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who helped these sweet children bear testimony through song. I have no doubt in my mind that they were able to sit quietly, (not to mention refrain from going to the bathroom for two hours), sing beautifully, and help enhance the Spirit of the meeting because of Him.

Whenever we are engaged in the Lord's work, he will always make up the difference. Even when we think we might not be up to the task. I saw it first-hand this weekend.


AnoelleB said…
Oh, I wish I could have been there! It sounds so wonderful!!
Becca said…
That is so neat. I so wish I could have been to that meeting. I love to hear the children sing. Way to go Shahna and kids!!
Thanks for acting on that prompting and inviting them to sing. It was a blessing in the life of my daughter and our family. And the songs you chose were truly beautiful and inspirirng. Thank you.
Dana said…
The music really did add to the spirit of the meeting. So glad you followed the promptings to make this happen. Wish my Megan weren't so shy that she could have had the experience of participating--I was just grateful this year that she sang with our Ward Primary on Mother's Day :)

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