I give it an A+

The end of the school year always brings with it the question, "What do I give to the teacher that goes above and beyond the call of duty?" You know, the ones that communicate love every minute of each day that your child is in her care? The one who challenges her to new heights? I saw something like this in family fun magazine and made my own version. I am so happy with how it turned out.

It says, "Someone bloomed because of me".

Each of the little clip art pictures has a gift card attached to the back of it. Things like Sonic, blockbuster, half price books, movie theater, etc..
Here is to all of the Mrs. Thorntons of the world. Thanks for a great year.


Amanda said…
very cute:) A ++!
Amanda said…
Teachers like cute things but teacher LOVE gift cards;)
shahna said…
you would know. Right?

Hows things Miss amanda?

Miss you!
emblair said…
A+ indeed!

I'm gonna have to store that one up in the old noggin for future use. But with the way my brain's been working lately, that means I may never remember it. ;)
the SCHOLL'S said…
Shahna! You have outdone yourself!! I'm so impressed. I think I shall call you Martha from now on. Where do you get those cute stickers??
Karen said…
That was me, not Drew, btw.

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