just call me Martha

Actually, I'm not a big Martha Stewart fan. So don't. I never really feel very good about myself after I watch her show. She has more creativity in her pinky fingernail than I do in my whole body but...I am pretty proud of these centerpieces I did for our elementary school's "Welcome Back" luncheon for the teachers and staff. Each gift bucket has a different theme. They range in price from 17 to 30 dollars.

The "teacher tool kit" has essential teacher supplies like expo markers,
a gradebook, dry erase pens, etc...

The "Date Night in a Bucket" has a blockbuster card, sodas, popcorn, and candy.
Lots and lots of candy.

"Bubble bath in a bucket" has ...yep, you guessed it - bubble bath as well as all the goodies for a great bubble bath. Exfoliater, bath salts, a long armed brush, and of course a magazine.

"Chocolate Fix in a bucket" has tons of chocolate including King Size hershey bars and five GODIVA treats. Yum. Perfect for the girl experiencing PMS. :O)

"Essential Movie kit" (not completed quite yet) has an AMC gift card, popcorn, treats, etc....

"Queen for a Day" (also not a finished product but you get the idea, right?) has massager, sleep mask, lotion, chocolate and a Gift Certificate for a Pedicure. Oh! And a crown.

"Sonic Smile Bucket" has a Sonic Gift Card and a fake milkshake and banana split. I got the containers from Sonic and then filled them with colored paper confetti. This was a MUST as we don't have very many fast food places in our neck of the woods. Apparantly Sonic is a big hit with the teachers, though because it is just around the corner.

We are going to draw teacher names and give them away on Friday. Until then, they will make cute centerpieces for our tables. Don't you think?


Amanda said…
AWESOME ideas!!!! Very cute:) You are crafty no matter what you say!
Nancy J said…
Simple adorable, Martha!

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