a last, fond look

Before we pack lunches, set out clothes, and set our alarms for an early morning wake-up time;
we would like to reflect back on summer 2010.
"let's get crackin'..."

Dinner at joe's Crab shack in San Antonio was a highlight.

Everyone liked the 4D movie at Fiesta TX too.

We spent countless hours by the pool.

Cheer camp was a blast.

Jensen and Tanner had the time of their lives at EFY in Provo on the BYU Campus. Seriously folks. That was the best 1,000 dollars we spent all year. It made a huge impact on both of them.

Fun with Scooby Doo!

Gotta love some roller coaster action.

Reagan and Brady won these capes at the midway in San Antonio.

We caught some shows at Sea World

more rides at Sea World...

All in all it was great fun.
The end.


Amanda said…
okay...Tanner is super tall now! And I remember EFY (here in Tx) being awesome....I bet it was even better at BYU?! And set your alarm??!! LOL....we haven't had to set an alarm since we had P...seriously we never have except for the day L had his ear tubes put in....we ended up not needing it...but we set it.

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