Celebrating 9 things on her ninth

Here are nine of my favorite things about my favorite 9 year old (on the occasion of her 9th birthday)

#9: She is a gal that has ALOT of friends. Which gives me hope that maybe she is a good friend to others and that is why they love her so much and appear to always want to be around her. It was really hard for her to decide which FIFTEEN friends to invite to her birthday party!

#8: She is creative. She writes really creative stories and plays creative games with her friends when they come over. I am predicting a drama production or two in her future...

#7: She has lots of MOXIE.

#6: She likes to shop with me. It is so fun having a girl that enjoys shopping. Even WINDOW shopping. We love to do that together.

#5: She is laid back. She must get this from her Father.. I have only seen her cry one time over hurt feelings and that was because she was unusually tired. She tends to let things roll of her back.

#4: She is fun

#3: She is a great swimmer. I love to watch her swim the backstroke and the butterfly,

>#2: She is beautiful. More beautiful than I ever hoped she could be. She looks alot like her Aunt Lindsey.

#1: She is so comfortable in her own skin. She doesn't try to be like everyone else and is perfectly content being herself.


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