placing dandelions on the altar

Yesterday in institute class, the teacher shared this quote with us. It made me smile. It is from Elder Neal A. Maxwell. This guy.

I want to put it here for any time I might get a little frustrated with myself.

" Our perfect Father does not expect us to be perfect children yet. He had only one such Child. Meanwhile, therefore, sometimes with smudges on our cheeks, dirt on our hands, and shoes untied, stammeringly but smilingly we present God with a dandelion – as if it were an orchid or a rose! If for now the dandelion is the best we have to offer, He receives it, knowing what we may later place on the altar. It is good to remember how young we are spiritually.”
Elder Neal A. Maxwell
- That Ye May Believe [1992], 100



Sarah said…
Thanks so much for sharing this. I am always so hard on myself and needed to hear this :D
Amanda said…
yep--all I have is a dandelion...if that. Thanks--it reminds me to be easier on my children and have more patience with their dandelion's.
Kim said…
I love this! I think I am going to steal/borrow so I can remind myself daily of this! Thanks SO much for sharing!

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