He is a SURVIVOR, no really.

Well. Tanner is back from a week on an island with his fellow survivors. The Varsity and Venturing troops decided to have a LORD OF THE FLIES expeience for their high adventure this year. They canoed to an island, took 25 (alive) chickens, beans, rice, and a 130 lb pig with them. All they were armed with were spears that they made themselves. The leaders had knives to help cut up the kill once it was grillin' time.

Here is a picture from one of the leaders that went with Tanner, This was his bed for the week. Rest assured, more will be posted later this week.


Heather Lynn said…
That is AMAZING! I will be checking back for more pictures. :)
christi said…
Usually I am very jelous of the scouts & their leaders who get to go on these fun adventures.

I have to say I am absolutely not jelous, at all.

I hope "piggy" made it back OK!!

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