Sometimes it takes a village

Friday I was at an awards ceremony for one child when another called saying he was done with his finals and could I come pick him up?

I couldn't leave for awhile.

So another mom of a girl in the ward dropped him off.

Later a friend called telling me that she was in a bind and could I help her by picking her son (who just happens to be Tanner's best friend) up from school and dropping him off at his house?

I was happy to.

Every Sunday we save seats for the Raineys. Empty Nesters in our ward that my three youngest have adopted. Sunday just doesn't feel like Sunday to them if they are not sitting with the Raineys during sacrament meeting.

Jensen loves Sister Cordy's lessons. Sister Cordy has served very effectively as the Laurel teacher and has had a profound influence on my daughter. We raised our hands in a vote of thanks to release her today - with mixed feelings.

Sometimes it takes a village. The beautiful thing is, I am surrounded by so many wonderful ward family members who bless my life and the lives of my children. I am so grateful.


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