16 on his 16th

Here are 16 things I love about this sixteen year old on his sixteenth birthday. 

He oozes integrity. 
I can believe everything he tells me.
He has great hair.  :O)
He is a terrific older brother to Brady
 and steps in to help me with him when Brent is not around.
He NEVER complains
even when we ask him to take the trash out, which is sometimes multiple times a day.
He is a loyal friend. 
I have seen it for myself over and over again and because of that...
He doesn't hesitate to speak up for those he loves,
even when it is not the popular thing to do.
He is a natural missionary. 
We just had a convert baptism in our ward last month all because this boy was not afraid to talk about church with one of his friends from school.
He makes me laugh. 
He is a momma's boy
preferring to hang out with me over ALMOST anyone.  He has no qulams about walking out in public with his arm around me or holding my hand.
He is talented. 
He plays guitar, piano, and swims a mean butterfly stroke.
He is a natural born leader. 
He just is.  He doesn't even try.
He makes friends easy. 
He reminds me so much of my grandmother who was known for never having known a stranger.
He keeps his room tidier than anyone else in the house. 
plus...He knows how to clean toilets and do dishes.
He lives realy really close to the Spirit.
Which is a blessing to his family, friends, and the young men in his Quorum because he is sensitive to their needs. 
He is comfortable in his own skin
and doesn't want to be like everyone else or care about being associated with a particular group of people. 
He bears a beautiful testimony on a pretty regular basis.


Amanda said…
aahhh. what a wonderful tribute!

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