rudolph cake pops

We had a blast making these cute little Rudolph Cake pops last night.

The cast of characters:  Candy wafers, red m and m's (noses), candy eyes, (i found these in the baking section at Target), a baked cake, a can of frosting, lollipop sticks, and light brown pipe cleaners.
Once you have baked the cake and let it cool, break it up to fine crumbs.  It is easiest to do it with your hands.
Add some frosting from the can.  One big scoop will make the pops more "cakey" and two big spoonfulls will make it more "fudgey".

Once it is all mixed in well, form balls.  (One cake mix makes about 3.5 dozen)
Microwave your chocolate melts in 30 second segments and stir in between until completely melted.  insert popsicle sticks into the balls, making a hole.  Then pull it out, insert the tip of the lollipop stick into the melted chocolate and then back into the cake bal where the whole you created it.  Once it hardens it helps "cement" it onto the stick.  Wait a few minutes for it to let it dry and then completely immerse it into the melted chocolate.  Let the excess chocolate drip off.  Set it on wax paper to dry.

Once they have completely dried (maybe 15 minutes), add three more dots of melted chocolate to "glue" the eyes and nose into place.

Tie the pipe cleaners for ears!

They look really cute tied up in a can with cellophane.


TexasMom said…
They turned out so cute and really yummy. I didn't know about the trick of dipping the lollypop sticks in chocolate to make them stay in - and the premade eyes - GENIUS!

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