A Step at a time

Sometimes I am absolutely amazed by the human spirit and what it can do.  Yesterday, I listened to a podcast about an amazing man yesterday while I went on my walk.  His name is Dr. Dale Hull.  He was an OB/GYN with a thriving practice.  One day he came home and decided to go out in his back yard and jump on the trampoline.  He attempted a back flip and landed on his neck.  He knew immediately that he had a significant spinal injury.  He was suddenly no longer just a father of 4, a husband, and successful Dr - he was a quadrapalegic.  They initially told him that he would never walk.  The picture above is of him two years later carrying the olympic torch and handing it off to Karl Malone. 

He shares a pretty amazing testimony of how his faith in Jesus Christ provided perspective and gave him hope in his darkest days.  Its totally worth a listen if you need some inspiration to do something hard or stop feeling sorry for yourself.
Here is an article about him. 
He is marking the 10th anniversary of his accident by doing a marathon:


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