patience practice periods

Ok.  I am going to be the first to admit it. 
I am NOT a very patient person.
My hubby is.  I have some offspring that are products of part of my gene pool that are.  But I am probably one of the most IMPATIENT people I know.  I don't like that about myself.  I have wanted to change it for some time.
Case in point.  Brent and I have set a significant financial goal in 2013.  We have been working toward it for about six months.  It has been coming to us as slow as a turtle's pace.  in fact some months we have made absolutely no progress at all. 

This made me very unhappy because, as I stated earlier, I am not a patient person.
Then, last week :
part of our fence blew down (@ $300.00)
I hit a huge pothole and took out a strut in my car (or so he tells me)
(@$ 350.00)
I discovered that I owe $150 dollars that I didn't know about (@150.00)
and - to put a cherry on top of it all-
Obama and Congress has decided we need to donate a little more of our paycheck each month to finance more government frivolity.
(@ $ I don't even want to think about that one)
- tell me again why the majority of America voted for Obama?  I forget.-
Uuugghhh.  Two steps forward, one step back.
I feel like the POWERS THAT BE might be trying to teach me something.
Something along the lines of, "Be patient or I'll beat you over the head with a frustration stick".  Because the less patient I am, the more I frustrated I become. 
So I am recognizing this as a "patience practice period".  If I can learn to put off my feelings of frustration and discouragement and ride it out, then I will be doing myself a favor.
And besides, Brent (Mr. Optimist) says we will meet our goal by the end of March.  That is only 10 short weeks away.  I can do this, right?

impatient too? inspiration here. :O)

this is cute too


Amanda said…
I hear ya;) except lately each of our unplanned setbacks have been to the tune of thousands not hundreds:( I would gladly trade mine for yours;) lol. But really....these are just inconviences not real trials---because i know u have been through ur fair share of real trials. This is nothing. And i know just having five kids is a lesson in patience daily;) I bet u are way more patient then u give urself credit for.
Christi Kovach said…
You are patient with people. You give them so much time to figure things out. You are very patient with kiddos.
You can see where you want to be and you want to get there..FAST but believe me, YOU are Patient where it really counts!!!

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