We be jammin'

Went to one of my favorite friend's house yesterday afternoon to learn how to make her famous (well atleast its famous at my house)
strawberry freezer jam. 
There are not very many pictures.  Janette made me swear not to put bad pictures of her on the web.  Truly - and I tell her this ALL THE TIME - she is one of THE most photogentic people I know.  I don't think she has ever taken a bad picture in her life.  But in the ONE pic I took of her yesterday she had her eyes half closed so as a loyal friend, I am not including it.
Strawberry Freezer jam requires strawberries, water, sure jell, and granulated sugar.  Lots and lots of sugar.  So much sugar I could almost not believe it.  Like almost a pound of sugar per pint of jam. 
 No wonder my family can eat their weight in it!
The recipe we used is the one in the sure jell package, btw. 
It only LOOKS like spaghetti sauce.
i promise you it is pink sugary delightfulness.
We used 18 pints of strawberries, 30 lbs of sugar and 12 boxes of sure jell and it made almost 31 pints of jam.
I was so excited to bring my offering home to my adoring family that I forgot to pick Reagan up from play practice at the middle school. 
I am awesome that way sometimes.  
I was 10 minutes late.  Reagan was the last one picked up and the theater teacher, Mrs. Baumgarten was outside waiting with her. 
I felt horrible.
Guess what Mrs. Baumgarten got delivered on her doorstep last night?
Strawberry freezer jam comes in handy like that.


emblair said…
Mmmm, we would not survive school lunches every day without strawberry freezer jam. It's the only jam allowed in our house!

And if you're interested for the next go round, the Ball instant pectin calls for about half the sugar. More fruit, less sugar...and absolutely delicious!

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