Praying for Sister Hickey

Many months ago - maybe as long as a year ago - a friend in my ward that our family loves very much stood in fast and testimony meeting and shared that her sweet mother (who lives in a neighboring state) had been diagnosed with breast cancer for the 2nd time.  Her mother had successfully battled breast cancer five years before and although it had been really hard, she was facing this latest diagnosis with tremendous faith and hope.  

We talked about it that night as a family and how touched we were by this loving daughter's testimony and hope that her mother would come out of this successfully again.  We decided to pray for Sister Hickey's health and strength - even though we did not know her.

Every single family prayer that I can remember since then (and I am sure many personal prayers) have included lots of people that we are mindful of.  People that are facing illness, unemployment, and trials of faith.  But never has Sister Hickey been forgotten.  I was surprised at this, especially my young children, since we did not know her personally.

Two Sundays ago we had a really sweet experience.  I looked back in Relief Society and noticed a sweet woman that looked very much like my friend, Tana.  Her hair was very short as if it had been lost and working hard to grow back.  Then the RS president introduced her as Tana's mother, Sister Hickey who was visiting for the weekend.  My heart smiled throughout the lesson, thinking about this dear woman who had grown a place in our family's heart - through prayers on her behalf.

After the lesson, I went up to Sister Hickey and introduced myself and mentioned to her that our family had been praying for her.  Then Reagan and Brady walked up behind us.

"Reagan!"  I said, "Guess who this is!"  
It's Sister Hickey. 
Reagan immediately beamed.  "Sister Hickey!  
We have been praying for you!"
She gave her a huge hug.  
The embrace brought tears to my eyes.

Sister Hickey went on to explain that the first time she had gone through chemo it had laid her out.  She had been so sick and tired throughout the whole ordeal but this time she had been really blessed.  She had been able to do everything she had done before her diagnosis, including spending time with her family.  She said she had no doubt it was because of all the prayers.

I have no doubt it was the power of prayer either.  I'm so grateful for the sweet experience our family has had praying for someone we didn't even know and being able to see the miracle of prayer at work in her life.


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