It's official!

This gal is going to be heading off to BYU Idaho in the Fall.  She is so excited.  She spent a great deal of time saturday looking at apartments online so that she could decide whether or not she wants to live on campus in the dorms or not.  She has several friends going up at the same time which makes it seem even more fun.  
She is so ready!  
Jensen has always been an independent little thing from the time she was a toddler.  
She isn't fearful of new experiences at all and just plunges in, never looking back.  
I'm sure she will have bouts of homesickness at the beginning but I don't worry about her a bit.  
She is going to be a great student and have the time of her life.  
Only 7 more months and I will have a college kid.  


Amanda said…
Yeah for Jensen! I remember when she and Tanner were both toddlers. Your kids are grown ups now!

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