Man I love this gal.
Just seeing her makes my heart sing.
She is the quintessential girl.
All toenail polish and good smelling things.
I so admire her wit.  
Her easy way with others.
She's never met a soul she didn't like 
(or that didn't like her, for that matter.)
She has the confidence to take her far in life.  
Confidence, I only wish I had when I was a preteen.
She's a "smartypants"
(- the acedemic kind, not the beligerent, disrespectful kind.)
She's fun.  
fiercely independent.  
Self reliant.  
Has a thick skin.  
I think I could count on one hand the number of times I have seen her upset because of something someone has said or done that was unkind.  She just lets it go and moves on - a rare find in an eleven year old girl.
She looks out for the under dog 
- and the gals at school who need a friend. 
 Because of that she is always surrounded.
I love how
  she is genuinely happy for people when they accomplish something big 
-even if it means she didn't- and she tells them she is so happy for them, never withholding praise, 
 and she usually accompanies it with a great big hug.
She doesn't compare herself with others. 
She doesn't need to because she is so self assured and comfortable in her own skin.

Happy Birthday Reagan Becca Butt.
Mom is crazy about you.


Chesney said…
I remember when you had her! Can you send me your email. Going private. Miss ya!

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