Blooming where your planted

These cutie pies are 7 of the girls that were on the cheer squad I coached this past fall.  They are all 6th graders and this was taken last night at 7th grade cheerleader tryouts.  Aren't they adorable?  I LOVE them. These are the sweetest, kindest, funnest group of girls.  I'm EXTRA fond of the one on the far right.  :O)
 (Catherine, Caty, Emi, Hailey, Lexie, Kennedy, and McKinley)

The night before tryouts we had a pizza party and "mock tryout" to get em' ready.

That night I couldn't sleep.   Just seeing how hard these girls have worked to memorize the challenging choreography and tweak areas that they needed to work on made me realize how much they each wanted to make it.  I understand why.  We have had so much fun together the last few years and I'm right there with them not wanting it to end!

But when I started thinking about the sheer numbers and all the other girls that have been working hard too!  There were 40 girls vying for 12-20 positions and they are all super talented.  Many of them have been doing competitive cheer for several years.  Many of them are talented power tumblers.  I realized that some of these sweet girls pictured above just might get there little hearts broken when they post the results on Friday at 3:45.  And my heart ached for them.

So I went and got them each some flowers to put a smile on their face before the big day and passed them  a sealed envelope with a personalized message from me.  I told them that when they got home (after they had tried out) they could read it but not before then.

Here is the one I wrote to McKinley:

 As I was watching you at practice last night I could barely believe my eyes.  You are a terrific little cheerleader.   I am so proud of you.
I wanted to take this chance to share something with you that Hilary and I  talked about this morning and think is so important:
Here it is.   Are you ready?

  Both Hilary and I had times when we thought it was the most important thing in the world.  Then we both had disappointments; years we didn't make the squad at all or atleast didn't make the squad we hoped to.  And you know what?  Both of us figured out that it was THE BEST thing that happened because we realized what was REALLY important.  And we were able to focus on something that we REALLY loved or had lasting life long  effects. Cheerleading doesn't .
You might make 7th grade cheerleader tomorrow. 
 If you do, I will not be a bit surprised and I will be so happy and proud for you.   But, You might not make 7th grade cheerleader tomorrow.  
If you don't I will still be so proud of the girl that you are.  
 and let that be your life long creed.  IF you ARE planted on the 7th grade cheer squad, , use it as an opportunity to learn new things, stretch yourself, be kind to others, and influence others to make good choices.  If your not planted there, however, get to work and find where you SHOULD be planted and find somewhere to bloom.  It might be on the  stage, or behind a microphone, or in the National Honor Scoiety, the art room, the volleyball court.  The possibilities are endless.  Just find your passion and strive to be a force for good.  Your going to go far in life and be a success because you are a great girl.  I know it.

I love you!  

Best of luck today.

The competition is fierce and I am not really sure what the outcome will be for my sweet McKinley.  I know she did her best and I know it will be a really tough weekend if she gets bad news but I'm grateful for the chance to teach her and these other little girls an important life lesson...along with a few cheers and dances along the way.


Amanda said… the letter. These girls are lucky to have had u it heir lives. Boy those heartbreaks in jr high and high school can seem so's hard at that age to see how little it will really matter once they are grown. But at that moment it means everything to them.

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