You never quit on a hill

This amazing lady was just released as general YW president of my church.  She had responsibility for the young girls (ages 12-18) for the last five years.  During that time she has become one of my favorite speakers.  I was listening to an interview recently of her and her husband (ironically, while I was out on a run)  and was struck by an experience she shared. 

Sister Dalton had 5 boys and 1 girl.  Her husband, Stephen,  and some of her sons were avid runners.  Her sons participated in cross country at school and her husband would regularly go on long runs with them.  One year for Mother's day (shortly after the birth of her 6th child) they gave her a set of running shoes as a gift.  She was excited to use them even though she had never been much of a runner before.  She felt like she was missing out on an opportunity to bond with her boys every time they left her at home while they went running together.

That was many years ago and since then she has completed several marathons.  She and her husband enjoy running together still to this day.  ( I think she is in her 60s).  That is pretty impressive.

One day, early into her training as a new runner, she was out running with Stephen.  He was a little ahead of her.  They were starting on a rather steep hill and she was frustrated with him.  He being a much faster, stronger runner - was leaving her behind as she was struggling up the hill.  At one point she said, "Well maybe I'll turn around and go back to the car!"    At that point, he turned around and came back to her and said, 
"Oh, Elaine, don't you know?  
You never quit on a hill."

She kept going.  
And he stayed by her side.  
She said that when they got to the top of that hill the view was well worth it.  
And she really enjoyed the downhill after that.

I love that!  I have had some hills in my life that were so hard, I wanted to quit and go do something easier.
372 days ago Brent had the surgery that completely healed him after 6 years of being ill.  Now that he has enjoyed a year of good health, I am so grateful that I didn't quit on the hill.

I'm not foolish enough to think that is the only hill I will have to climb in my life.
The future will undoubtedly bring more hills, more adversity.    That is part of life experience.  And that is ok.   I'm stronger and faster and I've seen the view from the top and it is so worth it.


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