remarkable kids

Let me tell you about some remarkable kids.  Teenagers.  16, 17 and 18 year olds.
At first glance, you might think I mean they are remarkable because they are such a good looking bunch.
Strikingly beautiful girls, handsome boys.
They make choices every day of their lives to help them stay clean and virtuous and true to the truth that they have been taught.  
Look closely and you will see it in their countenances.  They shine.
They are all those things!  But so much more.

These kids get up every morning bright and early and attend a 1 hour scripture study class at our church at 6am EVERY DAY BEFORE SCHOOL.  For the girls that probably means they are up by 5am.
They choose to show virtue by dressing modestly, treating their bodies like the gifts God gave them.  Trust me!  That is not an easy feat.  Try finding a cute prom dress that doesn't show too much leg or cleavage or isnt too tight.  All three of these gems did it, though.
These kids are leaders.  They excel in most everything they do.  National honor society members, Swim team, volleyball, soccer team, church class presidents, boy scouts.  That handsome one in the pink tie was finishing up his eagle project the very next day to complete his rank of EAGLE SCOUT.  In less than 6 months he will dedicate 2 entire years of his life to serve a full time mission for our church in whatever country he is assigned.   The other two boys plan to do the exact same thing  when they graduate next year.  

I LOVE these young men and young women with all my heart.  
To me, everything about them is remarkable.


Momma_S said…
Great post! I especially like that they attend an early morning scripture class:)

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